Corporate LaW

Corporate Law

Due Dilligence

Provision of Data Room

Documentation Gathering

Transactional Deals

Initial Public Offering DD

Data accuracy

Proper Disclosure

Risk Analysis

Employee Due Diligence

Mergers and Acquisitions

Capital Structure Assessment

Threshold considerations

Takeover Laws

Foreign mergers

Foreign acquisitions



Scrip Bids

Corporate Advisory

Shareholder’s Agreement Compliance 

Corporate Governance Compliance

Corporate Advisory

ASIC Compliance 

Listing Rules Compliance

Capital Raising

Retail Capital Raising

Prospectus Drafting

Offer Information Statements

Product Disclosure Statements

Crowd Source Funding

Institutional Offers

Private Placement

Information Memorandum

Term Sheets 


Lead Initial Public Offering 

Manage Initial Public Offering 

Prospectus Drafting

ASIC Management

Investor Management

Australian Stock Exchange Sponsor

Australian Stock Exchange Management

Equity Structuring

Corporate Governance

Dual Listings

Corporate Law

Neo Legal are a specialist team with a wealth of knowledge and experience in corporate law, confident in facilitating and conducting high net worth transactions such as Initial Public Offerings on both international and Australian Stock Exchanges, as well as smaller matters such as drafting shareholders’ and subscription agreements. We often advise on mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, reverse takeovers, SPACs, shareholders’ agreements, company governance, and other structural matters. 

Unlike other firms in Australia, we have experience in facilitating capital raising in cryptocurrencies, having been the first in the world to facilitate such a listing. 

We also advise on corporate structuring, governance, and management.

Due Diligence

Corporate Advisory

Mergers & Acquisitions

Provision of data rooms

Documentation gathering

Transactional deals

Initial Public Offering due diligence

Data accuracy

Proper disclosure

Risk analysis

Employee due diligence

Shareholders’ Agreement compliance 

Corporate governance compliance

Corporate advisory

ASIC compliance 

Listing rules compliance

Capital structure assessment

Threshold considerations

Takeover laws

Foreign mergers

Foreign acquisitions



Scrip bids


Capital Raising

Leading Initial Public Offerings 

Managing Initial Public Offerings 

Prospectus drafting

ASIC management

Investor management

Australian Stock Exchange sponsoring

Australian Stock Exchange management

Equity structuring

Corporate governance

Dual listings

Retail capital raising

Prospectus drafting

Offer information statements

Product disclosure statements

Crowd source funding

Institutional offers

Private placement

Information memorandums

Term sheets

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