About Us

Who we Are

At Neo Legal, we are first and foremost lawyers who are passionate about tech and business.  

Our passion has led us to become a blockchain law firm working with all aspects of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Our lawyers have advised several cryptocurrency projects and crypto exchanges, as well as niche blockchain-related start-ups. 

In addition to blockchain, we are also passionate about the start-up space, a field that excites each and every lawyer at Neo Legal. Helping people turn an idea into reality is a key driver for us, and we have a proven track record in helping start-ups – particularly those in tech – get to where they want to be. We help our clients prepare for the often difficult process of capital raising, as well as potential introductions to high net-worth individuals once they are ready.

Our involvement in the start-up space complements our corporate expertise: we advise on and lead Initial Public Offerings (IPO) on Australian Stock Exchanges.

Our Beliefs

Our Solutions

We believe that if we do not change with the times, we eventually become redundant. 

We feel that traditional law firms have failed to accomplish this, and thus do not provide their clients with the full suite of efficiency and cost-saving tools offered by technology. 

Email has its uses. However, messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and WeChat are significantly more efficient, and allow for the client’s convenience of asking a quick question on the go. Pursuant to standard legal practice, this is not a norm – however, at Neo Legal, it is.

The traditional status quo of a law firm still uses traditional time billing for the majority of their work. We believe that most of the work conducted by a firm can be sufficiently quoted by an experienced lawyer. 

At Neo Legal, we make the most of all the technological advancements this age has provided us. From data rooms to messaging applications, we strive to implement it all, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing costs for our clients. 

This such implementation allows us to communicate with our clients faster and more effectively, and deliver superior, unprecedented solutions.

Neo Legal is a new age firm with an innovative outlook towards the law. 

Neo Legal seeks to provide our clients with unprecedented results. 

Dealing with legal matters can be immensely difficult, and thus we strive to simplify the process for our clients as much as possible. This may manifest in our clients delegating tasks within their business to us so that they can rest easy, focusing on other matters requiring their attention. Alternatively, we may source the relevant third parties for our clients to complete these associated tasks. 

We understand that waiting for a reply from your lawyer can be frustrating. That’s why we encourage our clients to contact us via messaging platforms. Generally, you will receive a reply much faster than through email, especially with subsidiary questions able to be answered quite quickly.

With legal matters, especially litigation, we know that anxiety can often get the better of you. Client comfort and confidence is our priority. A quick reassuring message from your lawyer during the day can make all the difference.

The intricacies of the legal world are another common obstacle. At Neo Legal, we distil the often complex and intimidating language of the law into clear, easily digestible information so that you can fully grasp the situation without the need of a legal background.