Harly Zappino







Financial Services


Harly Zappino is a co-founder and partner of Neo Legal specialising in corporate advisory, technology, and financial services.

Harly has a deep understanding of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and the law surrounding it. Harly initially entered the cryptocurrency space in 2015 mining Bitcoin. He has since helped to establish multiple digital currencies, digital exchanges, and blockchain projects on both a national and global scale. Harly often provides transactional advice on high net worth cryptocurrency transactions and the legalities surrounding those transactions. Currently, he is supporting the movement of technological advancement in the traditional capital markets via blockchain technology.

Harly’s business acumen and extensive knowledge of the field translates to great success when working in corporate law and advisory. Harly has advised international and Australian companies on reverse takeovers, Initial Public Offerings, and mergers and acquisitions.

In addition, Harly often advises on non-cash payment facilities, managed investment schemes, and the set-up of derivatives. His work has allowed many clients to divert from an unregulated path, attaining the necessary legal structuring required to set up their relevant endeavours.

Harly has developed strong negotiation skills and is able to think outside the box, which has allowed him to attain results that are both successful and innovative. Harly is one of the few lawyers in Australia with a genuine understanding of cryptocurrency’s many complexities and the laws that may relevantly apply. 


Harly successfully led, managed, and sought regulatory approval for the first Initial Public Offering in the world that accepted cryptocurrency as a form of consideration. The company (West Coast Aquaculture Group Limited) raised approximately 5 million Australian dollars in capital.