Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Expert WitnesS

What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is a recognised specialist in their field. A court may require further understanding of material presented during trials, and may need to rely on an expert to interpret the information provided, and form an independent and impartial opinion on the presented issues.   

An expert witness may provide written reports or provide verbal evidence to support a notion in court.

Cryptocurrency Expert Witness

Our expert witnesses specialise in both blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

Our blockchain experts will provide analysis on blockchain- and cryptocurrency-related transactions on any blockchain, whether private or public, centralised or decentralised. We are able to create and provide reports in relation to past, current, and future valuation, and are able to provide expert insight into the workings of digital currencies, tokenised assets, and decentralised finance platforms.

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Our Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Experts

Our experts have operated, set up, and advised cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchanges. This includes decentralised exchanges, centralised exchanges, privacy coins, asset-backed tokens, and decentralised financing platforms. We possess a specialist understanding of the workings of financial products such as options, CFDs, margin trading platforms, and non-cash currencies.

Current Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Experts

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