About Us


At Neo Legal, we are lawyers passionate about tech and business. Founded in 2021 by Harly and Kenny, our dedication has positioned us at the forefront of blockchain law, working with all aspects of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Our seasoned legal team has advised numerous cryptocurrency projects and exchanges, as well as niche blockchain-related start-ups. Beyond our expertise in blockchain, we hold a keen interest in the start-up ecosystem, a domain that resonates deeply with every lawyer at Neo Legal. We take pride in transforming ideas into tangible ventures, backed by our proven track record of propelling tech start-ups to their envisioned heights. Our support extends from facilitating the intricate journey of capital acquisition to strategically connecting our clients with esteemed high net-worth networks.


 Leveraging years of industry expertise to deliver innovative legal solutions in the blockchain arena.


Comprehensive, tailored advisory services encompassing all facets of blockchain and cryptocurrency law.


A cohort of dedicated legal professionals with profound knowledge in cutting-edge tech and business.


Driven by an unwavering commitment to empower our clients in the dynamic landscape of blockchain and tech.

Bridging Legal with Tech

Our mission at Neo Legal is to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technological knowledge with robust legal technologies, ensuring our clients are both protected and poised for success.

Future-Focused Legal Consulting

Our mission transcends traditional legal counsel. We stand at the intersection of law, business, and innovation and our commitment to being holistic advisors allows us to serve as the multifaceted compass for our clients, guiding them through legal intricacies while offering actionable insights in business strategy, market positioning, and tokenomics structuring. 


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