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Our team of blockchain and cryptocurrency lawyers have extensive experience in providing legal advice and consultancy in this rapidly evolving field. With our deep expertise and understanding of the legal and technical aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrency, we are well-equipped to provide innovative solutions to clients seeking to launch their own projects. We offer a range of tools and resources to help clients set up their projects, including tokenomic models, tokenisation of assets, and architecture for building commercially sound crypto solutions. From inception to completion, our lawyers provide professional and informed guidance, leveraging their skills and expertise to help clients succeed in the dynamic world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Our track record of successfully working with and setting up multiple cryptocurrencies, asset-backed tokens, DeFi projects, and NFTs is a testament to our capabilities in this space.


Tokenisation is the process of representing ownership of something via a token on the blockchain. At Neo Legal, our blockchain lawyers can advise on legally compliant solutions relating to the tokenisation of an asset. We provide comprehensive advice to help determine the best value for your business model, leveraging our expertise to ensure a smooth and successful tokenisation process. With our deep understanding of the legal and technical aspects of blockchain, we can help you navigate this complex and rapidly evolving area of law, ensuring that your tokenisation efforts are legally sound and commercially viable.

  • Commodity tokenisation
  • Property Tokenisation
  • Music Tokenisation
  • Film Tokenisation
  • IP Tokenisation
  • NFT Tokenisation
  • Stablecoins
  • Synthetic Tokenisation
  • Identity Tokenisation


Cryptocurrency is at the forefront of fintech, allowing users to disseminate wealth autonomously. Neo’s Crypto Lawyers are highly skilled in when advising on compliance and operations of cryptocurrencies. This includes their initial release, maintenance and legal opinions determining whether they constitute a financial product or security.

  • Crypto Payments
  • Crypto Legal Opinions
  • Crypto Liquidation
  • In house crypto lawyers
  • Crypto Advisory
  • Privacy Coins
  • Raising funds with crypto
  • Airdrops

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

Initial Coin Offerings facilitate the initial release of a token or coin and is often the most critical juncture of a blockchain project necessitating legal attention. We advise you on the relevant regulations surrounding ICOs, provide a legal opinion, liaise with exchanges that you list on, advise on what should and shouldn’t be said and set-up all necessary documentation including your SAFT agreements and terms and conditions.

  • Whitepapers
  • Litepapers
  • SAFT Agreements
  • Tokens Warrants
  • Token Side Letters
  • Token Options
  • SAFE Agreements
  • Vesting Schedules
  • Raising funds with tokens

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Neo Legal has successfully set-up multiple digital currency exchanges advising our clients on AML-CTF regulations, working with you to draft the necessary documentation, and provide the relevant training to operate your cryptocurrency exchange compliantly. Many of the lawyers at Neo Legal have had hands on experience operating digital currency exchanges and are very familiar with the relevant nuances.

  • Decentralised crypto exchange set-up
  • Centralised crypto exchange setup
  • DeFi liquidity set-up
  • AML-CTF policy
  • AUSTRAC registration
  • Exchange token offerings
  • Exchange listings audits
  • Training
  • Litigation

For all instances relating to legal disputes, the Neo Legal team will be on hand to guide you through resolution in a smooth, comfortable and efficient manner.

  • Deceptive cryptocurrency brokerage conduct
  • Negotiations
  • Dispute resolution
  • Locating hidden cryptocurrency in family disputes
  • Deceptive project practices

Non-Fungible Tokens

We are highly proficient in the operation and release of non-fungible tokens. Neo Legal will be able to guide you on your ability to release a non-fungible asset into the public, the nuances that are attached to your particular project such as the intellectual property concerns, the tokenisation concerns, the financial product and service concerns and more.

  • Starting an NFT Project Asset Tokenisation

  • NFT Intellectual Property Protection

  • NFT Wrapping

  • NFT Reward pay-outs

  • Raising Funds with NFTs


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Blockchain is a decentralised technology that records transactions on a public digital ledger and is immutable in nature. 

    Blockchain’s most attractive features include the ability to record and store information on distributed databases, thus cutting out the need for intermediaries in transactions. It enables you to streamline your business by having multiple stakeholders access the same transaction.

    Yes, we can help you build multi-currency wallets that enable you to access multiple currencies and facilitate multiple transactions from the same wallet. Security is always ensured through the wallet’s unique public and private keys.

    An asset backed token is a digital claim made on a physical asset, and so its value is backed and directly affected by that asset. Examples include claims made on gold, crude oil, and real estate that are traded as tokens.

    Decentralised finance (DeFi) describes the shift from traditional finance systems to peer-to-peer systems built on the blockchain. It gets rid of the middlemen in banking transactions and leads to increased efficiency and transparency, reducing the risk of fraud.