Intellectual Property

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When it comes to advancemets in technology, it’s crucial to protect your ideas and intellectual property.

Neo Legal understands the importance of clients’ intellectual property as the most precious asset of their business. We have extensive experience in identification of protectable assets and drafting agreements for their protection even in the rapidly developing, immutable sphere of artificial intelligence, blockchain and cryptocurrency.

We help secure your copyrightable materials and licensing for the software you develop to run your blockchain project or artificial intelligence project, including trademarks and creative commons licensing, both Australian and international. Our IP lawyers will assist clients through the navigation of these complex legal frameworks to completely secure ownership of their innovative idea.

We provide a comprehensive suite of intellectual property legal services, aimed at safeguarding your innovations and creative output, such as:

Some of the services we offer under intellectual property law include:

  • Advising on copyleft agreements
  • Advising on copyright infringement issues
  • Advising on the appropriate Creative Commons license
  • Trademarks registration and defending against infringement
  • Advising on patententability
  • General Public License compliance