Corporate and Commercial

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At Neo Legal, we believe in harnessing the power of technology to raise your business ideas to innovative new heights.

Our team are the first in Australia to facilitate an IPO in which its capital raising was facilitated in cryptocurrencies.

Our corporate lawyers bring their wealth of experience to provide you with a commercially attuned solution for your business.

Beyond these services, we offer corporate structuring general legal advice and consultation on mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, reverse takeovers, IPOs, SPACs, drafting shareholders’ agreements, company governance, and other structural matters.

Our passion for technology and proficiency in corporate law go hand in hand, ensuring you receive legal advice that puts you and your needs first.

Due Diligence

We understand the importance of due diligence on the parties a company deals with as it can have major implications on the businesses brand reputation as well as revenue streams. Our corporate lawyers ensure security and transparency is maintained at every stage of your project, minimising risk and maximising benefit.

  • Provision of data rooms
  • Documentation gathering
  • Transactional deals
  • Initial Public Offering due diligence
  • Data repository services
  • Proper disclosure
  • Risk analysis
  • Employee due diligence

Corporate Advisory

Our consultation prioritises clients’ comfort and understanding of legal matters even in the most simplest terms. Neo Legal provides corporate advisory services to large firms regarding all necessary compliance matters for listings and transactions.

  • Shareholders’ Agreement compliance
  • Corporate governance compliance
  • Corporate advisory
  • ASIC compliance
  • Exchange listing rules compliance 

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our corporate lawyers are experienced dealing in various industries, and will tailor their approach to your mergers or acquisitions. We aim to cut down on time and discomfort, and lower the risks involved in your company’s next big move.

  • Capital structure assessment
  • Threshold considerations
  • Takeover laws
  • Foreign mergers
  • Foreign acquisitions
  • Financing
  • Pre-bids
  • Scrip bids


We help you set up your listing or IPO on an Australian Stock Exchange of your choosing and assess the advantages, disadvantages, risks and benefits of the exercise.

  • Leading Initial Public Offerings
  • Managing Initial Public Offerings
  • Prospectus drafting
  • ASIC management
  • Investor management
  • Australian Stock Exchange sponsoring
  • Australian Stock Exchange management
  • Equity structuring
  • Corporate governance
  • Dual listings

Capital Raising

Our corporate lawyers have significant experience in assisting clients with raising capital for their next ventures. Our services cover the funding and fulfilment of your idea from inception to completion.

  • Retail capital raising
  • Prospectus drafting
  • Offer information statements
  • Product disclosure statements
  • Crowd source funding
  • Institutional offers
  • Private placement
  • Information memorandums
  • Term sheets
  • Venture
  • Retail / Wholesale capital raising