Expert Witness

What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is a recognised specialist in their field of choice, whose skill qualifies them to present their findings and analysis in court as an unbiased third party. In the event of resolving a conflict or a legal dispute, the court may require further understanding of the material presented during trials to be able to form an independent and impartial opinion. It is in these circumstances that an expert witness may be called upon.

An expert witness may provide written reports or verbal evidence to support a notion in court. They are not an advocate for the person or firm engaging them, but merely state the technical facts upon which their opinion is based, including salient facts which may affect or detract from the client’s opinion.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Expert Witness

Our expert witnesses have recognised experience in the field of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. They have previously set up and operated cryptocurrency wallets and both decentralised and centralised currency exchanges and have worked with and advised projects centred around privacy coins, asset-backed tokens, and decentralised financing platforms. They come backed up with financial knowledge including CFOs, margin trading platforms, and non-cash currencies.

Neo Legal will provide you with a blockchain and cryptocurrency expert witness for independent and impartial analysis of blockchain transactions both private and public, centralised and decentralised. The expert witness will generate their evidence in the form of reports covering past, present and future valuation, providing insight into the workings of your digital currency, the value of your tokenised assets, and functioning of your DeFi platforms.

Our current blockchain and cryptocurrency expert witnesses include: