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At Neo Legal, we have cultivated a global reputation of being trusted expert advisors. Our lawyers combine legal knowledge with practical industry insights, ensuring our advice is both legally sound and commercially astute. 


In the dynamic world of gaming, having legal professionals who not only advise but also actively participate in gaming is invaluable. At Neo Legal, our lawyers are not just experts in providing tailored legal advice that caters to both game developers and distributors, we are also gamers at heart. This personal affinity and immersive experience allow us to have an intricate understanding of the industry from both a player’s and a developer’s perspective. 

In the era of digital transformation, we are also at the forefront of advising on NFT integration, helping gaming enterprises capitalise on this ground breaking technology. 

From intellectual property rights, licensing agreements, navigating regulatory landscapes, to the complexities of in-game economies, we are well-equipped to advise at every stage of your game’s lifecycle. With us, you are not just getting legal advice, you are gaining a strategic partner who genuinely understands your game. 


In the ever-evolving finance sector, traditional models are being reshaped by blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation. Our lawyers have both the depth and breadth of knowledge required to guide institutions through this transformative period. We work closely with crypto-friendly banks, fintech startups, and other financial entities to seamlessly integrate blockchain and cryptocurrency practices into their operations. 

Whether you are looking to tokenise assets, launch a DeFi platform, or navigate the regulatory complexities of crypto transactions, our team offers comprehensive legal solutions tailored for the digital age. 

Our commitment extends beyond just blockchain integration. We handle a broad spectrum of financial matters, including corporate finance, securities, mergers, and acquisitions. By combining our insights into traditional financial legalities with expertise in modern-day crypto regulations, we ensure our clients are always a step ahead, compliant, and primed for strategic growth in both realms.


Blockchain technology is swiftly becoming a game-changer in the entertainment industry, reinventing how content is produced, distributed, and consumed. In recent times, we’ve witnessed its groundbreaking impact in diverse areas, from K-pop to global luxury brands. Innovative entities in these sectors are harnessing blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to forge deeper connections with their audiences, protect intellectual property, and open new revenue streams. K-pop, known for its vibrant and expansive fan base, is embracing blockchain to offer unique fan experiences and merchandise, while luxury brands are using NFTs to authenticate products and offer exclusive digital assets, blending the worlds of high fashion and digital collectibles.

Our team, staying abreast of the latest trends and legal implications, offers strategic guidance to ensure that your ventures in blockchain, whether it’s through introducing cryptocurrency transactions, launching NFT projects, or integrating blockchain for digital rights management, are not only innovative but also compliant with the current legal framework.


Music and Arts

Creativity needs protection and guidance. 

In the age of the internet increasing accessibility of music and art to consumer bases all over the world, blockchain technology is giving back artists full ownership over their creations. Musicians and artists can use blockchain networks to upload soft copies of their work without being inhibited by record labels and other intermediary agents. 

With the rise of converting assets into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), creators can allow their fanbase to own their work as a unique token, revolutionising consumer access to art.

At Neo Legal, we assist artists, musicians, and producers in copyright matters, contractual agreements, and even representation in disputes. Your artistry is your legacy; let us help you safeguard it. Our legal team will assist you in setting up your blockchain network to digitise your art, and represent your assets as NFTs. We ensure you take back control of your creative work and the rights to own it.



The telecommunications sector stands to gain substantially from blockchain integration. Blockchain promises to revolutionize aspects such as data management, security, fraud detection, and operational processes in telecommunications. The seamless and secure exchange of data, paired with the transparent and immutable nature of blockchain, introduces an enhanced level of trust and efficiency.

Our legal experts, deeply embedded in the blockchain and telecom industries, navigate through the intricate legal frameworks to facilitate compliant integrations of blockchain technology. We are committed to ensuring that your telecommunications entity not only adheres to international and local regulatory standards but also leverages the innovative advantages of blockchain technology effectively and legally.

Real Estate

Smart contracts on blockchain platforms can automate various processes, from lease agreements to property transactions, thereby mitigating risks, reducing fraud, and drastically cutting down the time and cost involved in these dealings. Furthermore, blockchain enhances traceability and transparency in transactions, empowering stakeholders with immutable and readily verifiable records of ownership and transactions. This technological amalgamation facilitates tokenization of assets, enabling fractional ownership and democratizing investment in this traditionally illiquid sector.

Our adept legal professionals specialize in navigating the complex, multi-faceted legal terrains of blockchain and real estate. We assist in aligning your innovative blockchain applications with existing legal frameworks, ensuring your real estate business is not only compliant but also pioneers in leveraging blockchain’s potential to the fullest.

Supply Chain

Integrating blockchain within supply chains facilitates an immutable, traceable ledger of transactions and movements, dramatically reducing the susceptibility to fraud and enabling verifiable transparency at every stage. Blockchain technology introduces streamlined operations, from manufacturing to delivery, while also ensuring the authenticity and compliance of products throughout the entire supply chain. With blockchain, issues such as counterfeit products, transaction delays, and lack of transparency can be substantially mitigated, paving the way for an enhanced, reliable, and swift supply chain model.

Our team of seasoned legal experts is dedicated to assisting your business in navigating the intricate legalities that accompany the integration of blockchain within the supply chain industry


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