We’re pleased to officially announce that Neo Legal will now be accepting payments in USDO in exchange for our firm’s services.

This is a pioneering real world payment implementation of USDO – a stablecoin embracing the full suite of DeFi powers – and is an exciting landmark moment for us and the industry at large. We’re one of the first, but we’re a first of many to come.

USDO’s creators, OpenDAO, have been immensely exciting clients for Neo Legal to work with. As true pioneers in the blockchain space, they have showcased commendable work building real-world use cases for adapting the tech. We’ve assisted them with drawing up the legal framework behind a first-of-its-kind Melbourne based NFT Co-working space venture. This will allow co-working space contracts to be tokenised as an NFT and traded between individuals as per any other NFT. We believe this pilot project will pave the way for future adoption and innovation, and look forward to following OpenDAO’s bright future.

Neo Legal is thrilled to continue working at the forefront of developments in the blockchain world. With a genuine passion for cryptocurrency and blockchain, we are the leading firm in the field.  We have advised numerous cryptocurrency projects, Defi projects, NFT projects, exchanges and niche blockchain-related start-ups.

If you share our excitement for the industry, don’t hesitate to get in touch: we’ll help you get to where you want to go.